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Financial Plans, Investment Strategies, Insurance, Taxes, Estate planning & Trusts and Cash & Liabilities

TAX, Payroll, VAT, Financial Statements, Management Accounts, Business Administration, Company Registrations, Workman’s Compensation, Budgeting

Tailor-made Plans for: Investment Strategies, Insurance, Taxes, Estate planning & Trusts, Cash & Liabilities

Shingwedzi Hotel & Conference Centre, Tahiti Resort, The Royal Oak Restaurant, The Colosseum Venue & Events Company, Tahiti Health & Beauty Spa. All located at The Three Countries Estate


Building Businesses one Brick at a Time…..

One Brick, one step, one day at a time all these concepts speak of a bigger plan broken down into smaller measurable plans that ultimately make the whole.

Everything starts with a thought mostly an impossible thought that speaks to some distant part of yourself that you know is there but can never be found.

Starting a business is very seldom without great pain, suffering and sacrifice.

To make it worthwhile you must want it to work  because anything less than a  burning passion and commitment to your craft  and you will not be able to stay the course.

Our  financial services company Afsafin speaks to this through their motto  “ Victory belongs to those willing to  endure” To have a plan and to stick to it regardless of the storms that rock your world.

It is our vision to look for opportunities that challenge our skill sets start, develop them and incorporate them into our ethos of changing outcomes and helping clients to take a greater interest in their lives and their outcomes. People make poor decisions due to a lack of knowledge.

In the variety of different business that make our group it is our  wish to enrich lives whether you work for one of  our companies or whether you partner with us to find the opportunities in your own life as a client or a business seeking to grow diversify or increase efficiencies. 

Once you have mapped out the road ahead and committed to your journey life offers support in the most unusual ways because an organised measured life is a life with purpose and achievement.