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Private and Bespoke Wealth Planning

After an initial client briefing session, The AFSAFIN Private Wealth Team follows a concise step by step  process in order to allow precise evaluation of our private client’s current position in order to plan strategic steps to protect and increase the Wealth of our clients. Once we understand our clients bespoke goals and ambition’s we follow a analytical and diligent risk approach to secure our clients success. It is like playing chess. We move and preserve strategically.

Our wealth management consultants will follow the following process in order to obtain all the information needed to draft a holistic Wealth Plan.

These Processes include:

  • Financial data collection from client
  • Financial data collected from Financial Institutions
  • Draft of Plan by Wealth Planner
  • Briefing session with Investment Committee
  • Preparation of Solutions and recommendations Report
  • Presentation to client

AFSAFIN Private clients’s differentiation in the affluent market is premised on our unique Billing Process. We have fixed charge-out rates which are link to each specific service or plan and according to time sheets.  What makes us unique is that income received through “legislative commissions” may in some circumstances be credited to our clients account to erase negative client account balances but clients must be aware that in cases where these types or income are reversed due to cancellations, or alterations, clients will be invoiced for these negative credits. These credits are kindly allowed for services provided to clients only and will not be paid-out to clients in cash, as it is prohibited by law.

charlotte friedrich
Paris – December 2018

Charlotte Friedrich

MDRT – ( Qualified Member of the Million Dollar Round Table – USA)
AFP ™ Financial Planning Institute of South Africa (FPI)
Registered Tax Practitioner
FSB License 16108 – (since 2005)
National Diploma in Wealth Management
Commissioner of Oaths
Certified Health Care Adviser since 1996

Charlotte is a Wealth Planner. For more than 37 years, she devoted her professional career to helping individual clients realize their financial dreams and Investment Goals. Charlotte is the trusted adviser to a diverse group of Companies, individuals and families, including business executives, attorneys, physicians, engineers, professors, retirees and investors.

Whether it is local or offshore Trusts, Wealth structuring, Complicated Estate Planning, Risk Planning, Long or Short Term insurance, Investment Planning, Corporate and Business Structuring, Health Planning,  Charlotte has done it all for more than 2000 clients over the years since the 80’s and it would be an honour to do it for you!

With the current volatility in worldwide markets and a sharp downward spiral influenced by the Covid19 virus, it is important to understand the rules of the investment game. As a Veteran Financial and Wealth Planner Charlotte has been around through several stock market crashes and learned through first-hand experience the “art of investing”. Charlotte is proud to report that she has survived all of them and managed to build a substantial wealth portfolio of her own.

Cell No: 082 693-6810

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Do you earn R800,000 plus per annum?

Investment Strategies

  • Did you set your investment Goals?
  • Do you understand market risk?
  • How will you grow and preserve your Wealth?
  • AFSAFIN gives you access to numerous investment platforms and brokerage account types, so we can help you build a portfolio designed to help you achieve your financial goals.


  • Can you afford to lose your income?
  • Can you afford to lose your assets?
  • Will you be able to pay your Bills?
  • Taxes

  • Did you know that it is legal to avoid taxes by doing proper tax planning but that it is illegal to evade taxes?
  • Let us help you plan your taxes!
  • What investing strategies are you using to manage your taxes?
  • Estate planning & Trusts

  • Let us help you to minimise the cost in your estate to insure your wishes will be upheld and your legacy will live on.
  • When was the last time that you updated your will?
  • Will your loved ones be provided for?
  • What about funeral costs?
  • Cash & Liabilities

  • Do you have funds available in an emergency fund?
  • Do you know what the difference between bad and good debt is?
  • What interest rates are you paying on your credit cards, personal loans, overdrafts, etc.?
  • Do you have a debt redemption plan?