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Our Fees

Everyone’s goals and needs vary and individual financial situations are different. The fees that you will be paying are going to depend on the level of financial planning services and related products you may select from AFSAFIN. All of this will be factored into the fees you pay.

Your initial consultation with an AFSAFIN Consultant is complimentary.

It includes an initial written plan with recommendations. Our Solution Specialist will answer your questions about product fees and commissions and what they include if and when applicable.

Ongoing Service Fees

As an AFSAFIN Client, you will pay a monthly Services fee for ongoing Financial Planning Services that you receive from our Offices. This Fee amount is dependent on your status as an AFSAFIN client, the package you qualify for and/or the Package you accept. It covers all the following Services but dependant on your package, It might include more benefits which will be discussed with you in our initial interview.
  • Telephone support between normal business hours Long Term Insurance, Short Term Insurance, Investments, Tax and Medical Aids
  • Monitored e-mail support between business hours
  • Remote administration assistance using telephone or email
  • Administrative support relating to all general queries and quotes
  • Servicing requests or changes to existing portfolios
  • Estate Planning Will drafting advice and amendments
  • This fee includes the annual Will Safe Custody Fee
  • Review of goals and objectives as they change or otherwise annually
  • Updating of your financial plan annually
  • Reviewing of balance sheet and asset growth over past year
  • Regular Investment reviews and portfolio reviews
  • Handling of claims for Products purchased through our practice
The Fee also includes free telephonic advice support with your nominated planner at a time when the planner is free to take your calls. When your planner is in conversations or meetings you will be phoned back as soon as possible.

Single Need or Specialized Services Fees

  • Risk & Estate Plan included in the Ongoing Fees at R350 per month.
  • Budget Plan R3,000.00 once off or R275 per month over 12 months
  • Debt Redemption Plan R2,000 pa with monitoring or R180 per month
  • Retirement Plan only R2,500.00 (minus investment fees) or R225 per month over 12 months
  • Wealth Plan R5,000.00 (includes portfolio structuring) or R480 per month over 12 months
  • Setup of Wealth Vehicles
  • Trusts: Set up of Family Trust (R6,500 – R10,000 (Excl))
  • Trust Administration – Resolutions and Trusteeship R1,000 per month
  • Investments Initial and/or monthly fees based on amount of investment
  • Claim Handling for non AFSAFIN clients or products fee is a % of claim value

Investment Accounts and Management Fees

All Investment accounts and management fees are charged based on the products and services you purchase or invest in. Some products are provided with a once-off advice fee, others with a monthly fee, some products provides for a choice of both. Our Solutions Specialists will answer all your questions regarding this and explain all the options to you.

How our Advisors are Compensated

Our advisors are compensated through various remuneration models, including salaries, incentives and other models of compensation.