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Do you earn R800,000 plus per annum?

Idiosyncratic Planning for Peculiar Individuals

AFSAFIN is about relationships. We make a difference by forming a long-term partnership with you! It is important to us that we plan for your specific life goals. Your goals and dreams are what we plan for, no one else’s. We measure your progress and we manage and mitigate risks on a premium for risk basis.

Tailor-made Plans, monitoring service equals value for money

For a tailor-made, once-off/monthly or annual fee, client membership offers you various plans specific to your needs. In our initial interview we will evaluate your current situation and put you on a path of success with monitoring options.

Bespoke, Individualistic and Holistic Private Wealth Services

Service equals Success. You will succeed with us.


At AFSAFIN we focus on gathering an in-depth understanding of your holistic financial goals and needs, to assist you in achieving financial independence.

Which Plan First?

Choosing a Financial Plan that is right for you starts with completing our Financial Confidence Questionnaire. Request it now!


There are different fees associated with different financial plans and services we offer.


With combined knowledge of more than fifty years, our Step by Step processes are at the heart of what we do, how we do it, and our client’s success! Planning for success with confidence in our team.

Our Services

After an initial client briefing session, The AFSAFIN Private Wealth Team follows a concise step by step process in order to allow precise evaluation of our private client’s current position in order to plan strategic steps to protect and increase the Wealth of our clients. Once we understand our clients bespoke goals and ambition’s we follow a analytical and diligent risk approach to secure our clients success. It is like playing chess. We move and preserve strategically.

Your First Meeting

To understand the big picture and see the progress you’ve already made, we will assess your current financial status with regards to: Investments, insurance policies, pension/provident/retirement funds.

Private Wealth-Planning and Preservation