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With combined knowledge of more than fifty years, our Step by Step processes are at the heart of what we do, how we do it, and our client’s success!

Planning for success with confidence in our team.

AFSAFIN is an Authorized Financial Services Provider (49410)
AFSAFIN is part of the AFSA Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd
Since we were originally founded in 1996, we at AFSAFIN Financial Services have stayed true to our mission:


Is to secure financial stability, a prosperous future and to achieve overall and targeted results in all facets of our client’s finances by making Financial Planning a focused and Integral part of the everyday life of all our clients.


Just like creating a perfect sculpture, it is our mission to assist you in crafting a financial future for you and your dear ones. We will do this by navigating a clear path towards financial security. Through this process we will achieve long-term relationships with our clients and gain their trust by the implementation and enforcement of our non-negotiable CORE VALUES
We will achieve all of this by providing a Comprehensive Unbiased service with our fee-only financial plans whilst we seek out the best solutions through our vast array of Service Providers such as Insurance and/or Investment Houses.


We will listen, create, plan, develop, and preserve and grow our client’s personal wealth through our objective, tailored, and structured financial plans…


We BUILD and MAINTAIN trust resulting in long-standing relationships with our clients employing RESPECT, HONESTY and INTEGRITY through every aspect of what we do. We carry out our clients mandate with the upmost care and diligence, thereby preventing mistakes that could cause financial loss or distress to our clients.

We SERVE and SUPPORT our clients with advice that follows BEST PRACTICE and which supports the goals, needs, and aspirations of our clients first and foremost.


We target our services effectively at the affluent market which consist out of clients who are willing and able to build their wealth through diligent and objective planning. Our clients understand that WEALTH comes with careful planning and patience to stick to the PLAN over time. In turn AFSAFIN guarantee’s progress of the plan at every revision.

“It is important to note that AFSAFIN clients do not always start off as affluent and successful clients. We accept and assist any client who is eager to work with us and follow our leadership and guidance to financial freedom and prosperity.”


It is our GOAL and Aspiration to bring FINANCIAL SUCCESS and PROSPERITY to our clients. We support you in managing the RISKS you may face during your lifetime. We will teach and inspire you to be frugal and responsible in ALL aspects of your life. We are able to do this through the various processes our founder has developed and implemented having accrued over 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry.