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Financial Engineering with Solutionist Thinking!

At AFSAFIN we can help you find financial direction & confidence

Working with AFSAFIN - what does it mean?

AFSAFIN is about relationships we want to make a difference by forming a long term partnership with you! It is important to us that we plan for your goals and dreams ,that we measure your progress and that we manage and mitigate risks on a premium for risk basis.

Our unique model takes you through various processes with specialists who will personally guide you each step of the way. We take a structured approach to financial planning preparing you for financial freedom and the ability to build annuity income and to ultimately work on your own terms.

We assist you in building your balance sheet by looking at resources available and by providing you with useful approach to your wealth by creating space for a fresh view on what you have and how you are planning to get there.

We prefer to be involved in all your important decision making processes a sounding board to ensure that every action is meaningful. We see our involvement as educational to ensure you become aware of the importance of each aspect of your portfolio to eliminate surprises and to truly be in control of you personal destiny.


At AFSAFIN we focus on gathering an in-depth understanding of your holistic financial goals and needs, to assist you in achieving financial independence.

Which Plan First?

Choosing a Financial Plan that is right for you starts with completing our Financial Confidence Questionnaire. Request it now!


There are different fees associated with different financial plans and services we offer.


With combined knowledge of more than fifty years, our Step by Step processes are at the heart of what we do, how we do it, and our client’s success! Planning for success with confidence in our team.

Our Services

In addition to Financial Plans, Afsafin also offer services relating to: Investment Strategies, Insurance, Taxes, Estate planning & Trusts and Cash & Liabilities

Your First Meeting

To understand the big picture and see the progress you’ve already made, we will assess your current financial status with regards to: Investments, insurance policies, pension/provident/retirement funds.

AFSAFIN - Holding your plan in our hands